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"You can't live on the edge all your life [...]. Sooner or later, you have to jump."
                          - Jacknife
from Mirror’s Edge

Max-Antoine Gandhi Delsoin (circa 1995) is a Haïtian-Canadian comic book artist based in Montreal. Born and raised on the Eastside of the Montreal, he picked up the passion for drawing from his father at the young age of three. After struggling with math and science in high school, Gandhi dropped out and took solace in his drawings. For 2 years, he struggled to search for a stable employment while simultaneously making the decision to return to night school to finish his high school diploma. 


At last, coffee conglomerate, Starbucks gave him his first permanent full-time job. It was here that Gandhi was initiated into the various stages of adulthood. With turbulent situations with staff and customers, alike, he decided to created Kissaten and its’ characters, inspired by the daily ludicrousness that transpires at the store. 

the team
Stayana Regina

As Gandhi’s older sister, creativity runs through Stayana’s veins. As an emerging screenwriter, she double-timed to be the project’s sensible editor. Miss Regina is one hell of a powerful woman with unmatched cultured taste for literature, film, and music. 


Demsley Simon

As a contributing writer to Chapter 1 and 3, Demsley is known for his sharp play with words. Mr. Simon is an emerging writer with numerous stories often featuring strong imagery exploring the lives of young black gay men. He and Gandhi cemented their friendship over mutual affection for art, music, and anime.


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